• Tapas and Flamenco in Seville

    WOW, it has been a very long time since I have blogged a holiday.

    Seville was a place that unexpectedly blew me away. From the food that was amazing to the history and architecture. I hired an apartment from Airbnb which was the most adorble place ever! Oh did i mention that i visited in June where temperatures were 40 degrees! I have never felt that kind of heat before and I can tell you that 40 degrees is HOT! lol

    I walked absolutely everywhere and everything was just stunning however the things that come to mind that literally blew me away was The Alcazar which was STUNNING and Plaza de Espagna! I remember just walking around the corner and BAM getting the full view of it was just mind blowing! I have not enough good things to say about Seville. It was literally so beautiful that it is hands down the most beautiful place i have been to in Europe.

    Icecream, Tapas, flamenco... had to do it all! Not to forget a day spent in Cordoba.

    Being in Seville i must say i wasnt exactly the luckiest of people! The heat rash and nose bleeds were to be expected in 40 degree heat but AS always something was bound to happen to me. Story number 1.... While i was walking down an alley a pigeon literally pooed and thankfully missed me but due to the epic force that it must have pushed it out it hit the floor at super fast speeds and bounced off the floor and splattered all over MY FOOT AND LEG!!!!! Of course no tissues could be found and was forced to rip a section of the map to swipe it off! argh... how i can laugh at it now! haha

    Story number 2... one night was we went to get ice cream there was one place that was really good. So off i go checking that its dairy free. I get the all clear so i begin to dig in. 5 mins after i have eaten it i start to feel my lips tingle! So... i start to say.. mm i think my lips are tingling!! mm Sure they are. Within seconds i get out my mirror and my lips have swollen twice the size! I swear to god they looked like i had fillers gone wrong!! Well i must at the time it was hilarious! But as i told my nurse friend later she said i was insane that i didnt go to the hospital to get it seen too! Unfortunately my voluptuous lip were not made to last and by then next day they were back to normal!!!

    Everywhere that we had eaten was so good. But i was waiting for that one place to just blow me away. THEN on the second to last day that moment happened! The place is called La Brunilda. If you are in Seville you MUST go to this place. It does get super busy so get there early or be prepared to wait! But trust me, its worth it.