• Sicilian Landscapes

    Living in London i find it a must to get away even for a few days just to escape the hustle and bustle and gain abit of mental clarity.

    This would be the very first time i would have visited my island in the spring and beautiful it certainly was. Weather wise....Grey and cloudy. So not exactly the spring sunshine i was hoping for but a sense of quiet and calmness of the island is beautiful. Quiet streets which made driving enjoyable even for a fear of driving freak like me. Taking in the beauty of all the lush greeness surrounding me i had to remind myself to keep my eyes on the road!! lol

    Wild flowers and the never ending green fields which made a difference to all the dry dead fields i am used to seeing in the summer. I have added a few pictures taken in Palermo which was nice but i think i could have done with a better guide. LOL ;)

    What i loved most during this trip was visiting the ruins of Poggioreale. Poggioreale is one of the ghost towns in the Belice Valley which was totally destroyed by the 1968 earthquake. The current town was re built a few kilometres below which leaves the ruin completely isolated which makes it one of a kind, especially the view driving up. 

    So, me and one of my closet friends take the drive up and unfortunately when we arrive the gate to the ruins were locked. So what did we do? We turned around and went home..... mmmm YEA RIGHT. I was definitely not going to let a closed gate stop me, so the adventure begun by jumping the fence.

    From the minute my feet hit the ground i felt like i had jumped back into time. A time where this was a place where people lived. People walked this path that i was walking and could not believe how in a single moment peoples lives as they knew it literally crumbled to the ground. The atmosphere was eerie but there was a strange sense of peace like we were the sole survivers of an apocalypse.

    Certain paths were blocked by fallen walls and bricks and others by over grown shrubs and bushes. Considering health and safety im sure it was not the safest thing i have ever done especially with all the scafolding surrounding us just to keep certain buildings stable. Id be lying if i didnt think every now and then that at any moment anyone of these walls could fall by my feet but all i could think about was... wouldnt this make an awesome picture!

          Here is a picture of what the view above looked like back in the early days... i think this is amazing.


  • Macro Flowers with a twist

    I love an inspirational quote. They always get my thinking and i always think wish i would have explained it like that! lol.

    Combining some of my favourite inspirational quotes with some recent pictures...  Enjoy.


  • Viva Barcelona

    Another short but sweet weekend away with 2 of my girls. Third time to Barcelona yet it still excites me to know hopfully it will be sunny and the climate will definately be in double figures. The art of Gaudi, tapas, amazing architecture, cool shops, super friendly people and bad ass Mojito's is what i love!

    Again i tend to walk as much as i eat (which was alot) with my little toe just about able to take the last few steps without the fiction of my new Nike trainers rubbing on it just about bareable. Walking in Barcelona is amazing with every other building just as unique and beautiful as the next! 

    Our apartment was an absolute dream! All white, super bright cottage style with a roof top terrace somthing id imagine by the beach! Only thing its 5 floors up with no elevator! Great to burn off all the great food i ate, not so great after 1 too many Passion fruit Martini's! 

    My happy moments:

    •   If you love brunch with a twist you have to go to 'Brunch & Cake'  i guarantee you will not regret it!!
    • Dusk for some seriously strong bad ass drinks. I recommend the Mojito and also the Passion fruit Martini - taste like juice which can only mean 1 thing- drink responsibly :)
    • Blanc @ Mandarin Oriental- The Octopus salad was orgasmic!... so was the Cheesecake & Caremilised Apple Lasagne for desert!!! 
    • Park Guell- This place is seriously amazing and definately worth a visit but make sure you bring some comfy shoes coz the hill is on a seriously steep incline!


    Warm Octopus salad at Blanc at The Mandarin Oriental


    Cheese Cake, Apple Lasagne. YUM




    Puffo and coconut ice cream. Double YUM



    The most amazing brunch!!


    Park Guell