• Tapas and Flamenco in Seville

    WOW, it has been a very long time since I have blogged a holiday.

    Seville was a place that unexpectedly blew me away. From the food that was amazing to the history and architecture. I hired an apartment from Airbnb which was the most adorble place ever! Oh did i mention that i visited in June where temperatures were 40 degrees! I have never felt that kind of heat before and I can tell you that 40 degrees is HOT! lol

    I walked absolutely everywhere and everything was just stunning however the things that come to mind that literally blew me away was The Alcazar which was STUNNING and Plaza de Espagna! I remember just walking around the corner and BAM getting the full view of it was just mind blowing! I have not enough good things to say about Seville. It was literally so beautiful that it is hands down the most beautiful place i have been to in Europe.

    Icecream, Tapas, flamenco... had to do it all! Not to forget a day spent in Cordoba.

    Being in Seville i must say i wasnt exactly the luckiest of people! The heat rash and nose bleeds were to be expected in 40 degree heat but AS always something was bound to happen to me. Story number 1.... While i was walking down an alley a pigeon literally pooed and thankfully missed me but due to the epic force that it must have pushed it out it hit the floor at super fast speeds and bounced off the floor and splattered all over MY FOOT AND LEG!!!!! Of course no tissues could be found and was forced to rip a section of the map to swipe it off! argh... how i can laugh at it now! haha

    Story number 2... one night was we went to get ice cream there was one place that was really good. So off i go checking that its dairy free. I get the all clear so i begin to dig in. 5 mins after i have eaten it i start to feel my lips tingle! So... i start to say.. mm i think my lips are tingling!! mm Sure they are. Within seconds i get out my mirror and my lips have swollen twice the size! I swear to god they looked like i had fillers gone wrong!! Well i must at the time it was hilarious! But as i told my nurse friend later she said i was insane that i didnt go to the hospital to get it seen too! Unfortunately my voluptuous lip were not made to last and by then next day they were back to normal!!!

    Everywhere that we had eaten was so good. But i was waiting for that one place to just blow me away. THEN on the second to last day that moment happened! The place is called La Brunilda. If you are in Seville you MUST go to this place. It does get super busy so get there early or be prepared to wait! But trust me, its worth it. 


  • A little peek into Monte Carlo

    Monte Carlo was soo pretty but I must say it has to be the most expensive place I have been so far. The pebbled beach was not a highlight as my feet are way too soft for them. It literally feels like each pebble is spearing through the soles of my feet. I have to say that unless there is sand i never really consider it a real beach lol. But i must say the water was prestine with the smell of freshed printed money in the air. You can tell that this is the place where the rich come to play and to be honest I am glad it was only a weekend because the money literally flew out of my wallet.

    We came into Monte Carlo from Turin by train. It was a total eye opener to see how many people were trying to smuggle in over the border from Italy to France. Totally crazy and what a way to live.

    Lucky for us we was visiting our friend Federico and he was so nice for letting us stay with him for the weekend. He had such a lovely place with a stunning view of the sea. Life could not be better.

    As our little treat to end our awesome weekend we went jet sking which was the most exhilarating thing I have ever done. I felt so alive it was amazing. 


  • A little peak into Sicily 2015

    I sit here on a Saturday afternoon feeling slightly nostalgic.
    I sit here thinking about the amazing holidays I have had so far, the wonderful people I have met and friendships I have continued to nurture and love.
    People I love and wish were not so far away….
    Time… wishing there was more of it to do, see and create things that I feel my soul needs to full fill.
    Sleep…. Is it really that necessary? I feel I need to find a way to function to my full ability on only 1 hours’ worth of sleep. Or maybe sleep a full 24 hours and then that would last me a full 7 days of work, creating….. living.
    That time of the year has come where I think about what an amazing summer I have had and wish it could be like this 365 days of the year. That entire year I have waited for this one season and now it is almost over. I make a conscience note to put as much effort into autumn and winter as I do in the summer.
    All the life experiences, moments and memories we have created together. I want to remember it all. I don’t want to forget a single thing. I want to store it all in a special sack I keep in my wardrobe where only the absolutely best moments get kept, that way they will never ever be forgotten and I could rummage in my sake for memories I’d love to re live and see and hug certain special people whenever I wanted.
    From seeing old friends, making new friendships, overcoming my fears and arguing/ disagreeing with a dear friend yet all I want to do is relive it all over again!
    Summer starts with my dear friends Francesca and Cristian getting hitched at the end of July. The afternoon was an absolute sweat fest with it being over 30 degrees in the church. Just looking at all the guys in their suits made me seem to sweat 10 times more and fanning myself with warm air with a hand fan didn’t help, but seemed like warm air was better than none at all.
    Most of my friends know that I suffer from Vertigo and one scorching afternoon the group decided to go visit Scala dei turchi which is well known for its white cliff. Our new friends (Frank and Briana) were visiting from the states and Briana had never seen it. All I can say is Briana got the extreme cliff experience. Not only did she see it we all got to climb it.
    10 mins into the walk down I realise holly crap this doesn’t look good, is it too late to go back?
    Foot paths with only enough room for one, slippy, no grip, no support and absolutely nothing to hold on to. In between the moments when I wasn’t crying I really did consider for my sake and everyone else’s  that its better I just throw myself off the cliff as I was that scared! One guy who was going the opposite direction to us even said ‘Hey guys it gets worst that way’ … ‘WHAT!... what you mean worst?... seriously guys.. ‘It was great knowing you all!’.
    Luca and Cristian even walked with me holding my sweating hands because there were moments when I couldn’t go on and thought I am sitting here until you get me a helicopter to get me OFF THIS GOD DAM CLIFF!.
    Thank god for sunglasses because I was crying like a baby! Moments I thought ‘HELL NO’ you want me to leap over that gap in the path with only the sea below?. Traumatised? That was one way of putting it.
    It’s funny and I can giggle about it now to myself. But had you laughed back then, I swear I would have punched you square in the face or one better… pushed you over the cliff. Lol…. While I was dealing with all of this I didn’t realise my friend Francesca ALSO suffered from Vertigo. The point that I realised this was when I was already on a safe path on the cliff and looking back all I see is Francesca sitting down clearly not able to make the leap of death!
    Ferragosto we FINALLY after years of trying to organise this 11 of us rented 2 boats to sail away along the coast of Castlemare del Golfo!
    Not only do I suffer from Vertigo I had a fear of swimming in deep water. The thing is that I actually know how to swim…. And float…. So your thinking what’s the problem right? I don’t know just knowing I cant touch the floor when I get tired freaks me out!
    So here it goes.. I threw out the floating doughnut and ta da… I couldn’t believe how easy it was to float and swim in deep water. It was amazing…. You couldn’t get me out of the water.. I felt like Nemo for the first time in the big ocean. Come and find me people because there is a whole other world down here.
    I have promised myself once a year we got to rent a boat and I need to be more prepared. The things I need for next time are:

    • Fins
    • Underwater camera
    • Mask to see underwater

    Thank god a few of the guys were better prepared and I had the opportunity to look under water. All I can say was that it was amazing… seeing all the fish was beautiful!!!
    Nothing this good could go without one form of drama happening. Apart from the first stop our anchor getting stuck under a rock but on our final stop we all jumped off to explore, but when we went to swim back to our boat had somehow managed to move 1000 miles away. Thinking about it now it was so funny how your giving it your all but it’s absolutely useless as the current keeps you in the exact same spot!
    Was anyone on the boat? Yes, Luca… but he was fast asleep and none the wiser that we was sailing away into the sunset. LOL

    Luckily Frank was on the second boat and drove closer to us and picked us up and saved the day…. Oh summer I do miss you.


  • Sicilian Adventures 2014

    As those who know me Sicily is my must go to destination. Every year without fail i go to Sicily to spend time with my family and my friends. I visited a few new places but what took my breath away was the little town of Erice. 

    Perched on a hill at 750m above sea level overlooking the town of Trapani is where the historic town of Erice can be found!

    Parking is a massive pain and let me tell you make sure you bring SOMETHING WARM! Obviously with it being so high up shorts and a t shirt just wont cut it! Learn from my mistake :D

    I also visited for the first time the beach at Selinunte where me and my friend found some raw clay.. Of course we smothered ourselves with it and i can tell you i never felt my skin feel so soft! 



  • My October sun escape to Mykonos.

    I have always admired the greek islands and it is still a dream of mine to island hop and visit them all. I had decided as a little treat as a belated birthday present to myself to take a few days off and visit the island of Mykonos, Greece.

    The first week of October sounded perfect. A week after my 30th birthday celebrations, off peak and hopfully still have some warm sunny days.

    Once i was reading a feature on Mykonos in the Conde Nast and i have to say after i saw The Belvedere Hotel i decided that if and when i go that will be where i have to stay. So while i was streaming through Expedia i realised October was an absolute bargin. You really got alot more for your money thats for sure.

    Walking through the small town centre of Mykonos, with its freshly painted white walls and floors i realised i had forgotten somthing very important. ..... my sunglasses!

    Light just seemed to bounce off every surface i felt blinded litrally by the light. We spent our days walking through the town, going to the gym and eating lots of food. I can only hope my pictures give the place justice to showcase how beautiful it really is. Oh how i miss those white walls, blue window frames and the blue/ turquoise waters. Oh how could i also forget the thousands of stray cats! 


  • Chilling in .... Santa Monica

    The second part of the trip was Santa Monica!! I was so excited to get to our apartment which was just awesome on its own!  The location, perfect i wouldnt have stayed anywhere else... o yeah we got 2 beach cruisers with the apartment also. We spent alot of time on the bikes riding to Venice along the beach and observing the many unique characters and many talented artists, performers and singers around. Check out my apartment here.

    We did not hire a car so we did spend a day on a Hop on Hop Off bus which was really handy for the day. We got to see the Major sights in LA. Chinese Theatre, Hollywood Sign, Beverly Hills....

    Eating out in LA was great with lots of choice and healther options, Wheat free options and places like Real Food Daily which is a vegan restaurant and conviently located at the end of my street. Not forgetting Fresh Brothers who offer gluten free pizza base with vegan cheese!!! Incredible  :D

    The sun shined EVERYDAY and the vibe was just super relaxed. Everyone walking around with a Jamba Juice in hand and a yoga mat. I could really imagine myself fitting in really well! :D


  • I left my heart in San Francisco....

    After an 11 hour flight having watched 4 films back to back we arrive at San Francisco airport tired yet super excited to have finally arrived. Going through my pictures brings my heart back to this amazing place! It was so overwhelming on how friendly, chilled out and polite everyone is. Again i used Airbnb to find my perfect apartment and we stayed in a real gem. Slap bang in the centre of everything, 5 min to downtown, 2 blocks to Polk street we could not have asked for more. Yassine's studio apartment was awesome and when we return (coz we definately will) i would definately stay there again!

    Over the 4 days we spent here we took the liberty of walking absolutly everywhere which by the end of the 3rd day i have to say those hills felt like we were climbing the pyraminds of Egypt!! For those who know i now cant eat wheat or dairy it makes me worry about eating out but San Fran had so many amazing places to eat and offered alternatives in many places! To name a few we went to Sanraku,  which was a lovely Japanese restaurant located conveniently on the same road as our apartment, Scoma in Fishermans Wharf for awesome fresh fish and Roam which offered the most amazing Veggie burger on a gluten free bun with sweet potato fries! It was so good we went twice! YUM (Sweet potato fries arnt half as nice here!)

    I have to say as awesome as San Francisco is the amount of homeless people wondering the streets was worrying and upsetting. For anyone who is thinking about going, even though there were some right characters at times i never felt scared or in danger at any point.

    I hope you enjoy my pictures i absolutely loved taking them..... i can truly say i left my heart in San Francisco!

    Lets get going............

                                                                                   ............................ To be continued! ...Santa Monica coming soon :D

  • The Beauty of Sicily

    I have been going to Sicily since i was 8 years old have unforgettable memories and great friendships that every year it feels like going home.

    My Dad is from the provence of Agrigento which is a very small village of Santa Margherita. From the moment you step your foot off the plane you feel the warm sun beaming down on our skin, the clear rustic air and the beautiful mountainous landscape surrounding you.

    About a week before all i can think about is the beach, clear waters, pizza, cannoli and the ice cream! The food in Sicily is soo good and not to mention such great value for money.

    Over the years iv travelled all over Sicily and every year it pulls me back. The Sicilian people are warm, friendly and extreamly generous. Driving skills not to great however :D

    From my previous visits i can see some work has taken place which i think is great. I have to say it has taken which seems forever to get the smallest of work to happen, but with the increase of tourists that now visit Sicily it is essential. Visiting Sicily is like going back into time, time stands still which i supppose is a possitive and negative thing but has a feeling of authenticity to it.

    One week is never enough but made sure i took my camera to Scala Dei Turchi (The Turkish Steps) where we spent the day!! Its a beaming white cliff in the form of steps!! You couldnt believe how easy it is to burn!! As i suffer from vertigo i couldnt make it all the way to the other side but quite impressed with how far i did get!! LOL .. If you go to Sicily its a must on the list as the views are SPECTACULAR!!


    hope you enjoyed the images as much as i enjoyed taking them!

  • Lazy Summer Days

    This has got to be by far the best summer in AGES!! This is how i remember summer when i was a kid at school. Not like how its been the last few years with a week of sun them 1 month of rain!!! Lets hope it continues!!.... I have spoilt myself to long lazy days at the park with friends, chilling, relaxing, people watching and good conversation! Hampstead has got to be by far my favourite open park.


  • London Sunny Days

    This weekend was just amazing and i hope the weather lasts. Heres just a few images from a day at the park... o London how i love you when you give me warm sunny days.