I have wanted to write this bucket list for a very long time. I love shooting weddings and I knew from the very first wedding I shot in Italy back in 2013 that THIS was what I want to do with my life. I have a vision of the different types of weddings I'd love to shoot so if your big day IS or has some aspects from my list below get in touch!..... I'd be happy to work out some sort of agreement in the right circumstances… SO… what are you waiting for?... send me a message and tell me what you have planned for your amazing day! It just might even save you some cash!

If you do have something extra awesome that isn’t listed below message me and tell me about it. I feel it is important for me to continue to grow creatively and to stay inspired.... so, wait no more here is my list:

  • A wedding in ICELAND. I love nature and can only imagine what a total dream it would be.
  • A wedding in Vegas. Let’s invite Marilyn and Elvis.
  • Gatsby themed 1920’s wedding. Oh so glamorous
  • Exotic Beach wedding. Mexico, Thailand, Bali, Maldives, Hawaii. 
  • Any Comic book, Super Heroes or Game of Thrones fans out there? I love a good fancy dress
  • Aynhoe Park. This place looks so magical.
  • Heavily tattooed couple. Inked and proud for all to see
  • Bride with pink hair.... or any other bright colour from the rainbow
  • A wedding in the woods/ forest…. Think Twilight, fairy lights… Oh Edward
  • Traditional Japanese wedding with tea ceremony… In Japan would be bonus points
  • Alice in Wonderland theme… Get an invite out to the Mad Hatter
  • Hipster couple. I want to find thee most uber stylish couple who just oooozzzzeeeee cool
  • 50+ couple
  • Traditional Indian wedding … colour … colour… give me colour
  • Elopement Wedding…. Let’s fly away…  just me…. And you
  • Fairground or circus theme.. circus, trapeze and fire performers. Girls on stilts and a vintage carousel. Candy floss all round!
  • Ye Ha Cowboys and Cowgirls. Time to get your cowboy boots on. Take me to the US of A
  • Pure and simple wedding by a lake/ waterfall.
  • Send me to a remote part of the world to photograph an indigenous tribal ceremony


Additionally to weddings I would like to photograph the following:

  • Photograph a birth
  • New-borns

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